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Jayashree Rajagopalan

Jayashree Rajagopalan


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Nrithyodaya Academy

Seminars and Research Projects

  • Rhythm in Indian Dance and Music- a two day seminar, supported by the Dept. of Culture, Government of India, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

  • ‘Karanas of Natya Sastra’ – National Seminar on ‘Manuscripts and their presentation’ – Department of Manuscripts, Govt. of India and the Dept. of Sanskrit, Dr. Gaur University, Madhya Pradesh.

  • "Nritta Karanas of Natya Sastra" for Parikrama's National Seminar on Dance, Pune.

  • Rasa Theory according to Bharata's Natya Sastra- for International Seminar on Hindustani Music, Pune.

  • ‘Vedantic Wisdom made visual’ – National Seminar on ‘Revisiting Vedanta in the 21st Century’ – Dept. of Philosophy, S.I.E.S. College, Mumbai.

  • ‘Dance Forms – Southern Styles’ – National Seminar of ‘Visual and Performing Arts’ - Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute, Mumbai.

  • ‘The Unique similarity between Western Ballet and Charis of Natya Sastra’ for the Dept. of Ancient Indian Culture, St. Xaviers College, Mumbai.

  • The Heritage of the Art of Indian Painting for the Anantacharya Indological Research Institute, Mumbai.

  • 22 Episodes based on the Concept of Nrtta in Natya Sastra conceptualised and recorded for UGC Programme, Doordarshan Kendra.

  • The Marga Talas of Tiruppugazh of Tamil Nadu and Manipur. Dissertation submitted to the Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India.

  • Nritta Karanas of Natya Sastra Research Journal-Sanskrit Dept- Dr. H.S. Gour University, Sagar (for the seminar on 'Manuscripts of ancient Texts', supported by the Dept. of Manuscript, Govt. of India.

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