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Jayashree Rajagopalan


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Nrithyodaya Academy

Teaching System

  • The teaching methodology follows the pedagogy system for imparting the Marga technique evolved by Dr Padma Subrahmanyam based on her in-depth study of the Natya Sastra co-related with temple sculptures.

  • The students are taught and trained in the “vyayamas” [exercises] of the “anga-upanga” [major and minor limbs of the body] and “sthanas and charis” [stances and leg movements], culminating in the “karanas” – the 108 basic unit of dance movements prescribed in the Natya Sastra. In this method the entire body, from head to toe is exercised individually and in combination. Along with this, the “adavus” or “steps” which form the basis of the present Bharata Natyam, are also taught.

  • This system is doubly enriched with the curvaceous movements of the Karanas of the 2000 year old Natya Sastra, and the angularity and straight lines of the 600 year old Sadirattam [present Bharata Natyam]. Students are trained in the art of choreography also. Learning music and the intricate tala-system is a must. Students are also taught the art of make-up and basic stage décor. They are given specialized training in nattuvangam i.e. conducting concerts by playing the cymbals.

  • Theory lessons form a very important part of the syllabus. Learning Sanskrit and basic knowledge of our religion, philosophy and culture also form an integral part of the teaching. They are given an insight into the beauty of Indian sculpture, architecture and painting, showing how those proved as historical records of the dance and music technique of the various periods.

  • This holistic approach to teaching dance has attracted several dancers and dance teachers from varied styles, choreographers, theatre personalities, musicians, sanskritists and philosophers to be involved in the Shiksha Shibirs and workshops conducted by the Institution.

  • Nrithyodaya has to its credit the production of several multi-lingual thematic presentations. It has also revived aspects of ancient Indian theatre through dance-dramas besides conducting lecture-demonstrations and workshops in India and abroad.

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